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It's All About the Right Slot

Picking the Right Video Slots Game

Jun 20 2018

In the U.S., most casinos don’t release the data from their slot machines. That doesn’t mean that there’s no data available, though. In fact, slot machines tend to have a lot of information available about their payouts, simply because video…

Slots Using the BlockChain

Will the Blockchain Impact Slot Play?

Jun 14 2018

The biggest advance in online technology of the last ten years is the blockchain. We hear about the blockchain mostly with cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, but there are already a lot of other uses for it. One of the fastest growing…

Could Be You - Look for the Big Win

Are Progressive Jackpots Worth Trying For?

Jun 07 2018

It’s no secret that progressive jackpots can lead to a lifechanging amount of money. There have been many jackpots won that total well over a million dollars. For an online slots player, that’s the dream come true—to hit one of…